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Samedi 24 novembre 2018

SPIRITUAL FRONT / I / DARK FOLK La Taverne - Le Bouffon de la Taverne
Spiritual Front is a five-part neofolk act from Rome. Its members describe their music as "nihilist suicide pop",[1] although elements of neoclassical and rock music, melancholic folk, as well as tango are prevalent, along with a recurring experimental feel. From dark, wailing experimental folk in the beginning, the sound began to transform and grow, to where it is now compared to the work of Nick Cave, Swans, and Scott Walker. The group's work has been described as crossing... Lire la suiteLire la suite
44, Rue de Carouge - Plainpalais 21:00 – 23:15 12.- pré-loc / 15 sur place
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