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Grand Theatre Geneva Nowrooz Dance

Grand Théâtre de Genève

Whirling dance, music and workshops coordinator with the facilitators

The whirling dance, called in different ways in different cultures, this dance accompanies us all from childhood, and allows self-alignment, it is a method of auto-meditation since to be able to whirle without feeling dizzy, you have to focus on your breathing and try to focus on that, without really looking around when whirling, you become one with the world.

Being a musician and having followed the workshops of the various speakers for several years, he would facilitate each workshop.

The various speakers being colleagues, they are also friends whom he brings together, having known for several years the activity of each one. Lyo will facilitate with the organizers the various workshops: singing by bringing the learning of diaphonic songs and throat songs, musical accompanist for African dance, cocoa ceremony, spinning dance and conscious dance, also facilitator for signed rhythm workshops.

Intervenant :


Engineer in Telecommunications, he has been carrying out activities and artistic creations for many years. Being a multi-instrumentalist, he is also part of the committee of the association Rythme Signé Genève. His aspirations are the organization of music and creativity workshops in orphanages, sober house treatment centers and migrant camps. He has already conducted workshops for the Bububu Orphanage in Tanzania, for the Detroit Detox Center, and participated in the creation of musical theater piece, machine and human.

« Oh day, come so that the particules dance
The one by whome, the Earth and the skies dance
The hearts and souls dance from extreme happiness, in an uncaring, free mood
I’ll wispier in your ears that where will they dance »
Poem of the Atoms by Rumi
13:00 – 16:00
Atelier d'initiation à la danse meditative tournoiyant
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