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Kaleb Stewart / Folk - USA + Guilhem / Folk - CAN

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  • 4, place des Volontaires (Jonction) - Genève
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Urgence Disk se déplace d'une porte pour vous proposer deux artistes d'outre-Atlantique.

Guilhem / Folk - CAN
Guilhem is a singer/songwriter from Montreal, QC. He started playing solo/acoustic shows in 2012. After playing a few shows every year, he decided to record a first EP in 2017 where he played acoustic versions of songs from his band (Lost Love) . In 2018, he recorded his first EP "Bad Art" at home. After a few tours across Quebec, Ontario, the US and Europe, Guilhem is going to keep on playing shows in 2019 and eventually, record a full-length solo album.

Kaleb Stewart / Folk - USA
Kaleb Stewart, of As Friends Rust and Cro(w)s, plays acoustic rock and punk in the Gainesville, Florida tradition.

Kaleb recently recorded a split record with British punk/blues artist Tim Holehouse and will tour Europe beginning in mid-November. He plans to release a full length on Sounds of Subterrania records in June of 2018.
17:00 – 20:00
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