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Effective Giving Meetup Series


  • Rue Jean Gutenberg 2 (Centre) - Genève
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If you have money to donate, where do you give it to?

In this meetup series we are going to discuss this question, together with many others. Through articles, videos, short presentations and games we explore the area of effective giving. We will talk about, e.g. the measurement of impact; whether it's more effective to donate money, time or goods; and the history of philanthropy.

Anyone is welcome to join.

The planning:

- 3 June: What makes giving effective? Explore the history of philanthropy and discuss the criteria of GiveWell, a nonprofit that has analyzed this question thoroughly.
- 17 June: How to measure impact? Have a look at different impact measurement methods and examine their standards.
- 1 July: What is more effective: donating money, time or goods? Considerations for earning to give and the differences between these resources.
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