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Capsule 1.51 - Carisa Mitchell

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Carisa Mitchell was born in the USA in 1986. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2009 and an MFA at HEAD (Geneva School of Art and Design) in Geneva, Switzerland in 2017.

Her work approaches art in the form of text inside of storytelling while looking at appropriation and poetry. She does this while using materials such as screen prints, banners, the voice and performance. By investigating language, Mitchell seeks to talk about our placement and how this inform our views. Her work is a little of where fiction and reality meet while sometimes showing our inabilities to fully communicate such views. While looking at the subjective of self she wonders if these limits of self can be provoked beyond just the maker and how self is a reflection of the external; such as the binaries between self and other. Carisa Mitchell now lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

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