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g.rag / zelig implosion deluxxe / D / KRAUT GROOVE ELECTRO ROCK

Urgence Disk

g.rag / zelig implosion deluxxe
a NoWave trio from munich, bavaria, gutfeeling records.
g.rag: guitar, vocals, sampler, noise
zelig: beat
guest musician: prof deluxxe: moog
so what`s the implosion like?
well, this is just drums, moog, guitar & a voice. going back to the roots of nowave music in the early 80s the duo g.rag/zelig is joined now by prof. deluxxe en moog. the collaborate with strange rhythms, sun ra influence, dance & trance music. performing a nowave mambo or wire`s classic heartbeat. the implosions music changes from 80s captain beefheart weirdelic to ambient to noise to nowave to drone & back to punk & space or whatever. they just call it NoWave - that´s it.

g.rag & zelig are musicians in g.rag y los hermanos patchekos / g.rag und die landlergschwister. and play together for over 30 years now.
prof. deluxxe is moog player in Trans Love Energy

10 inch (2015)
tanz nowave LP (2016)
new album „schöner warten will be released may 2018

all you want

zelig is drummer & masseur
g.rag is musician, producer; photographer, DJ, 78ers collector & recordstore owner
prof. deluxxe is a carpenter
all live in munich
18:20 – 19:30
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