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  • 14, rue Montbrillant (Grottes) - Genève
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2 trios avant garde / improvisation/ psyché

SOUNDS OF HYPERION Clément Meunier (clarinette et effets), Ian Hunziker(batterie), Tom Brunt (guitare, effets & composition)
"Sounds of Hyperion" draws its inspiration from the planets depicted in the master-piece of Sci-Fi

ZIMMERLIN-STOFFNER-MEIER(ZH): Alfred Zimmerlin: violoncelle / Flo Stoffner: guit/David Meier: drums

Letting loose‘ is the driving force of this comprehensive generational trio that jettisons and unleashes, with symbiotically spontaneous reactions and a delicate feel for what the music offers in the moment, the yet to be heard. In this formation the three daring improvisationalists fare range from atonal, expressive chamber music to a multilayered onomatopoeia captured as an interplay breathing between density and lightness.
20:30 – 23:00
Prix libre ( Prix conseillé 10.-)
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